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Dress Code and Attire Requirements

Thank you for continuing to abide by the Dress Code for KDX. Students MUST have the proper dancewear and dance shoes in order to participate in class

Please NO street clothes or street footwear will be permitted in the studios. 

 If you or your dancer are not dressed with proper shoes and attire, you will be asked to observe class. This allows our staff to maintain a safe dance environment and give their undivided attention to the needs of all our students. Please review our dress policy before purchasing new attire and shoes and we thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. All dancewear items that we require are available for purchase at the KDX Dance Corner. 
The following guidelines apply to all dancers:
  • HAIR must be securely tied back, off of face, in a ponytail, braid, or bun. Please assure that your dancer's hair will remain secured for the duration of their class. Having to redo hair in the middle of class uses up valuable learning time.
  • DANCE SHOES should not be worn outside. Dirt and debris from outdoors can ruin your dance shoes and severely damage our dance floors.
  • NO JEWELRY is to be worn in class. It is a dangerous distraction and unsafe for your dancer , and items can be lost. *Small Post/Stud earrings in the ears are acceptable.
  • Please label all shoes and other related dance items with your dancer’s name so lost items can be returned. KDX is not responsible for lost items. If your dancer is missing an item, please be sure to check the studio lost and found. The Lost and Found will be emptied at the end of every month and donated to charity.
  • NO loose fitting pants, street clothes, jeans.  These items do not allow proper movement for the dancer nor do they allow their instructors to observe proper body alignment.
  • NO costumes are allowed in class unless during a studio announced theme or spirit week.
  • Please be sure that your dancer is wearingproper cover-ups when entering and exiting the building. This can help us increase the personal and physical safety your dancer. Personally, Dance clothes are tight fitting and not always socially acceptable for street wear.  Physically, a dancer's muscles are extremely warm and loose after class/rehearsals and even the smallest change in temperature can tighten them, putting them at a higher risk for injury.

KDX Kids Combo Classes
  • Leotard (any color acceptable), short ballet skirt (optional).
  • Pink ballet tights.
  • Hair should be secured off of face.
  • A small bag to keep shoes in class is also required for quick and successful shoe changes.
  • Leather ballet slippers and black tap shoes  are required. Ballet slippers should have their elastics sewn and drawstrings tied and trimmed. All tap shoes must have elastics to assist in faster show changes mid-class.

Please do not purchase the Isotoner "ballet slipper" style house slipper for your dancer to wear in class. These slippers are extremely unsafe on our dance flooring and will not allow your dancer to develop proper foot strength.
Ballet Classes
  • A black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes must be worn. Please make sure straps are sewn correctly by the first class.
  • Dancers that have accomplished being on pointe must speak with the approving instructor about the style shoes that must be worn.
  • Hair must be secured in a bun at all times. Ballet buns must be secured with bobby pins and a hair net. Short hair must be pulled away from the face and neck.
  • A solid color t-shirt or tank top.
  • Black dance pants or sweatpants .
  • White or black socks.
  • Black ballet shoes.
Tap Classes
  • Leotard, jazz pants or dance short and a fitted top.
  • Legs must be covered, if wearing dance shorts tights are also necessary.
  • Black Leather full sole tie-up tap shoes.
  • Any solid color t-shirt or tank top
  • Black dance pants, sweatpants, or shorts (not baggy) Please no jeans.
  • Black Leather full sole tie-up tap shoes.
Jazz Classes
  • Leotard, Jazz pants, dance shorts.
  • Legs must be covered, if wearing dance shorts tights are also necessary.
  • leather jazz Shoes, your instructor will determine color for recital.
  • Any solid color t-shirt or tank top and black dance pants or sweatpants
  • leather jazz Shoes, your instructor will determine color for recital
  • Please no shorts as floor work  may occur
Lyrical/Contemporary Classes
  • Leotard, Jazz pants, dance shorts, fitted top.
  • Legs must be covered, if wearing dance shorts tights are also necessary.
  • Tan foot undeez or bare feet.
  • Any black or white solid color t-shirt or tank top
  • Black tights or dance pants
  • Students dance in bare feet
Hip Hop Classes
  • comfortable clothing for movement.
  • Hip Hop Sneakers that are NOT worn as street shoes. this is extremely important as outside debris can severely damage our dance flooring.
  • Any comfortable fitness or dance attire.
  • Sneakers with little tread or a circle tread. Please see our KDX Dance Corner Staff for recommendations.
  • It is recommended to bring a small towel and water bottle.