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First Things First.
Start the year off on the right foot! 
Families should read through the handbook 
for complete information about classes
What do I wear to class and what kind of shoes do I need?
Modesty:  Leotards should be worn with tights. Students may elect to wear shorts over top of their leotard, but tights must still be worn underneath.
Shoes: Proper shoes in specific colors are required for all classes. A list of shoes can be found below. 
Hair: Hair should be pulled up and away from the student’s face.
When do classes start?
Fall Classes begin the second week in September.
What should I know to prepare for the first day of class?
Preparing for Class
1.   Dancers are to enter the dance studio fully dressed for class with their hair properly pulled back (bun for ballet) and dance shoes on. Please do not wear street shoes into dance rooms. Dance bags may be brought into the room.
2.   Combo classes (preschool through 6years old) will need to have their Tap shoes on each week when entering class. Please put your Ballet shoes in a dance bag that they will bring into the classroom with them. Put your child’s name inside each shoe and on the bag. The teachers will help dancers change shoes in the middle of the class. Tap shoes should be slip on ready with NO TIES/LACES
 What to Expect Your First Week
1.   The halls are very crowded the first few weeks of classes. This will settle down after the first few weeks.
2.   There is a lot of switching around of classes as parents are trying to get settled in the new schedule of the year. Please be patient. Classes often have to change at the same time, so that dancers can go to the different subjects they are taking.
3.   Like school, the first few weeks of class are review, and getting everyone comfortable with new classes and new teachers. This helps to make the students comfortable and the teachers can see if they are in the correct class.
4.   If dancers have been placed into classes that are not correct for them –Don’t worry - we will find a more suitable class!
5.   Parking is the #1 complaint with parents in dance schools around the nation. This is something that can’t be helped. Please be careful to watch for children!
6.   Parents, it is best to get your dancer in class on time, ready to dance. In December and in the spring all families from all classes will be invited to come and see what we have been working on.
7.   The youngest dancers will often have tears or anxiety the first few weeks. This is normal. The teachers are trained to get children “on task” quickly. It is not uncommon to have a few dancers on a few hips the first month of class! The best way to ensure success is to assure them they are going to have fun. Leave as quickly as possible and watch them through the window. Please keep noise down at the window and don’t let siblings open the door or knock on the window. This will distract the dancers.
8.   Please have all dancers use the bathroom before class. Teachers will gladly take them if they do need to go during class, but this can be a disruption.
9.   You do not have to stay at the studio while your child has a class. However, you must be here to pick your child up on time. If you are running late, please call the studio so that we can get them to the office to wait for you.
Does my name need to be on my belongings?
Yes! Please label all shoes, dancewear, dance bags, coats, etc. with the students first and last name. Please write your dancers name on the inside of their shoes. If not labeled properly, teachers will write your dancers first and last name on their shoes during the first few weeks of classes. If the item left behind is properly labeled, the studio will attempt to contact the parent and hold that item in the “pick-up drawer” located in the studio office.
How do I stay up to date with studio news?
All registered accounts will automatically be subscribed to our email newsletter and studio updates. Accounts may unsubscribe or change their email preferences at any time, however if they do they will miss out on important studio information.
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What if I miss a class?
If a student will be missing 2 or more consecutive weeks of class, please contact the studio office. The office staff will relay the information to the instructors. There are no refunds for missed classes. These can be made up any time before April in an age appropriate class, even if it’s a different style than what the student is taking. After May 1, make up classes are not available. Please contact the studio office for information. 
When is recital and what can I expect?
Please see our Recital page - coming soon
When is tuition due and how do I pay?
Please see the office.
How do I get in touch with my child's teacher?
Instructors can be contacted via email. All emails are listed on our Faculty page. Please do not try to catch an instructor between classes. Class schedules are very tight and our instructors would like to give your questions and concerns the proper attention.
Do you have a lost and found?
Yes! The lost and found is located in the plastic bin in the rear of the studio. Please check the office for lost jewelry or hair items. Items will be donated at winter, spring, and summer breaks and when the bin becomes overfull. We will let you know via newsletter/bulletin board before items are donated. Please check these bins regularly. KDX is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Can I come in and watch my child's class?
Fall and spring Parent Observation Weeks are the only times parents and families are invited into the classroom. All other times our classes are closed door sessions. Please do not open the door during class time.