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Registration & Tuition Policies
School Year Registrants (September-May)
  • The account on file will automatically be charged an annual registration fee upon completion of enrollment; single student registration is $30
  • Withdrawal notification must be received in writing to discontinue the following month charges. If you drop a class AFTER OCTOBER 31st, there is a DROP FEE of $100 per class and you forfeit your recital costume and any monies associated.
  • Based on the school year schedule, tuition is the same amount every month regardless of how many classes fall within that month.
 Summer Registrants
  • Entire summer tuition for classes and/or camps and registration fee are automatically charged upon completion of enrollment.
 Tuition Policies
  • Tuition is non-refundable, non-transferable and refunds will not be given for any reason.
  • No refunds for missed classes, however make-up classes can be arranged with the office in any similar level and age group.
  • There is a $15 late payment fee for declined or expired cards/delinquent accounts and a $25 returned check fee.
Production Policies & Fees
  • The June production is a wonderful opportunity for all KDX students, but is not mandatory. 
  • All show fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • If opting out of the June production, written notification must be given prior.
  • For students that enroll after Nov 1, costume fees are due upon registration and must be paid if student wishes to participate in the show.
  • As a courtesy, professional photographs will be taken of students in their costumes on a weekend in April/May; attendance on Photo Day and purchasing photographs is optional.
Studio Rules
  • The lobby is for sitting, observing and visiting only. When students are not in class, parents are responsible for their children's behavior and safety.  Children are not permitted to play in the lobby at any time. For everyone's safety, the lobby floors must remain clear of toys and other materials.
  • Students must wear warm up clothes over their dance wear and street shoes when entering and exiting the studio building.
  • No food, drink or gum in the dance studio.
  • No street shoes in the dance studio.
  • Parents must walk children 12 and under to and from the classroom.
  • A vacant studio is not to be played or loitered in.
  • If a student arrives more than 10 minutes late to class, the student may be asked to observe.  Without proper warm-up, students risk injury.
  • Students may not leave before class is concluded without prior arrangement with the instructor.
  • Students must be picked up on time after class. KDX is not responsible for students outside of class time.
  • Only Dancers and Staff are allowed inside the classrooms. 
  • Family and friends are asked to remain outside of the classroom at all times.  This is beneficial for the student and class progression because it provides a safe and non-distracted environment (see Observation below).
  • Please keep conversation in the lobby positive and up-beat.  Negativity does not provide for a healthy environment.
  • Please take cell phone conversations out of the lobby area.
  • The studio office and area behind the reception desk are private areas for faculty and staff only.
  • Please call or email when your child will not be in class.
  • KDX Dance is not responsible for personal property.
  • KDX Dance reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
In order to keep distractions to a minimum, only students are allowed in the classroom. There are closed circuit tv's located in the lobby. You are welcome to discreetly observe as long as it does not distract your child or other class members.Generally scheduled in the weeks prior to our winter and spring breaks and the final week of our summer session, family and friends are invited to enter the classroom for class observation and a special presentation. During this week, students may wear any special dance attire to class. Family and friends are welcome to take photographs and videotape the presentation. If you would like additional information on how your child is progressing, you can schedule an appointment through the office.
Makeup Classes
Attendance is taken every week. If you have to miss a class, please contact the office to let us know. There are no refunds for classes not taken, but missed classes may be made up within four weeks of the student's absence. Makeups must be scheduled in advance with the office and must be in a similar level and age group for the student. 
Studio Closings
If KDX must close for weather conditions or any other reason, you will be notified via email. Closings will also be listed on our website and Facebook page.